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Senior Chief Petty Officer Timothy Parker

Name Timothy Parker

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Character Type PC

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue


Father James Parker
Mother Linda Parker
Brother(s) Eric Parker
Sister(s) Susan Parker

Personality & Traits

General Overview Having defied his father’s wishes and broke away from his family, Tim became a very independent person in order to survive on his own. He has a tendency to not care what others think about him, and often shows in his relationships. There is a stubborn side he inherited from his father, sometimes making it difficult to deal with him, though many put up with it due to his quick wit and uncanny engineering expertise.
Strengths & Weaknesses Career-minded and hard working, Tim’s first priority is to get the job done, no matter what it takes. In the intensity of the moment, Tim can make quick decisions, and those quick decisions have saved lives; however, those quick decisions have also annoyed, offended and frustrated those around him. Tim lets few get close to him, preventing him from developing relationships both friendly and romantic.
Ambitions Initially, Tim joined Starfleet to regain the respect of his father and did his best to perform well in his schooling. By doing so, he found a love for engineering, and quietly hopes to be as legendary as Montgomery Scott.
Hobbies & Interests Anything outdoors, Drawing & Painting, Tinkering with gadgets old and new, Andorian History

Personal History Timothy is the youngest of three children born to an average family, yet his life was nowhere close to normal. His father, James, was, and still is, a representative and ambassador of the Federation to the Andorian homeworld. Because of his father’s career, Tim’s family was always on the move from Earth to Andoria and back again every six months.

James Parker took great pride in his career and did everything he could to bring up his three children to do the same, hoping to establish relations that would span generations between cultures. After all, his father and grandfather were also representatives to Andoria, and it was only fitting to continue the legacy.

Tim, though becoming skillful as such, wanted to see more than the lush New Zealand landscape and the Andorian skyline. He felt that Starfleet Academy was the next logical step to “see what was out there.”

His father disagreed. He did everything he could to discourage it, even using his Andorian colleagues to try and block his admission. His father was successful and his application was immediately denied. Tim, in the ultimate act of defiance, left his family and enlisted. He left Andoria before his father had a chance to discover the truth. By the time James figured it out, it was far too late.

Rather than pull other strings to pull his son out of basic training, James cut Tim off from the rest of the family. Tim found Basic Training tougher than he realized, and found himself truly alone. He tried turned to his mother and siblings for support. Tim’s mother had some sympathy for him, but eventually turned her back on Tim as well. Tim learned to figure things out on his own, and found a love for engineering. He graduated with honors and found himself accepted aboard the USS Dreamweaver for his first official assignment as a structural engineer.

Tim’s service aboard the Dreamweaver was exemplary, aside from a couple disputes with his fellow crewmates. His nature to remain independent became a concern for the Chief Engineer as Tim often performed maintenance tasks on his own without clearance, including a couple small experiments that did result in faster SIF performance. He became an anomaly; why punish a talented engineer when he got the job done despite breaking protocol on occasion?

Tim was however ordered to spend time with the ship’s counselor in hopes to resolve these issues. The frequency and severity of the rule-breaking diminished, but Tim became known on occasion to still do things on his own.

Both parties came to the conclusion that Tim needed a different posting in order to resolve the building tension between him and the Chief Engineer. He found one aboard the USS Intrepid, one many levels above his current position. The transfer occurred literally overnight, and most of his problems were erased. Over the next couple of years, Tim enjoyed his service on the classes' namesake, yet the ship continued to feel smaller and smaller. A transfer was approved not long after for the Insignia-class USS T'Pol, where Tim spent several years regularly swapping out modules from the oddly designed saucer section.

In 2382, the T'Pol put into the Andorian shipyards for an overdue refit. Most of the crew was reassigned, and somehow Tim wasn't on that list. Seven years had passed since he last spoke to his family. He'd sent them regular updates over the years, and though no one replied, Tim had done his best to keep up on family activities through the news and other reports. He thought he should take the first step, and for the first time in years, arrived on the family doorstep. His mother opened the door, smiled when she saw him, and then suddenly had the door shut in his face by his father. Tim stood on the doorstep for what seemed like an hour, listening to his parents argue about the situation. Finally all fell silent inside the house. And no one came to the door.

Tim briskly turned at last and walked away. He took the first assignment leaving the planet, aboard the USS Black Hawk, a recently refitted Akira-class vessel. The ship was larger than he would have preferred, but the crew-to-workspace ratio was quite favorable. Often times, Petty Officer Parker worked his shift alone in the darkest parts of the ship. The Black Hawk, having been ravaged during the Dominion War, possessed several unique quirks, forcing Tim to cross train in several areas. While he was aboard the ship for a couple of years, he began to find his options quite limited as he wanted to explore other systems and technology.

Starbase One was the first opportunity to Tim to explore and branch out. It was also the first posting he truly enjoyed. With the Starbase being in orbit of Earth, it was always under refit, seeing new technology added all of the time. Though he very much enjoyed the work, Tim found himself recommended for Drydock work and was offered a supervisor position over a Luna-class starship two years shy of completion. Under his supervision, that ship launched four months early without problem. Tim soon found himself supervising several Lunas, and a couple other Type-II drydocks. By 2391, Tim had twenty-four builds under his supervision.

Tim was content to remain at Utopia Plantia for the remainder of his career. Unfortunately, Starfleet had other ideas. With the Deleth project having trouble near the Romulan Neutral Zone, the Federation wanted someone who see the station completed. Tim had done his job far too well and soon found himself aboard a transport en route to Deleth Station with orders to report at Chief Operations Officer.
Service Record 2375: Starfleet Basic Training
2376: A-School, Structural Engineering
2376: USS Dreamweaver, Structural Engineer
2377-2379: USS Intrepid, Structural Engineer
2380-2382: USS T'Pol, Structural Engineer
2383-2384: USS Black Hawk, Structural Engineer
2385-2386: Starbase One, Operations Officer & Structural Engineer
2386-2392: Utopia Plantia Ship Yards, Type-II Drydock Supervisor
2392: Deleth Station, Chief Operations Officer