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Lieutenant Moran Intaro

Name Moran Alexander Intaro Mr.

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Character Type PC

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6"
Weight 245 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Moran Intaro is tall and muscled, toned and athletic. He keeps his hair shaved close in a crew cut militaristic style, wears only fleet uniform, even when off-duty.


Spouse/Significant Other None
Children None
Father Carman Intaro
Mother Geneva Intaro
Brother(s) Angelo Intaro,
Giovani Intaro
Sister(s) Maia Intaro
Other Family Sonny Intaro-Uncle Father's side
Deena Intaro-Aunt on Mother's side

Personality & Traits

General Overview Moran has a dominant type personality while easily yeilding to the command of superior officers. He is loyal and sometimes a little to honest. He is Catholic.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Loyal, Hard-working, dependable, honest.

Weaknesses: Sometimes a little to honest, considering his line of work...and his faith and conscience tend to hinder him from performing 'certain' duties. This is why he is an 'Agent Afloat" rather than being assigned a field or wetwork operative.
Ambitions His goal is to show people that Intelligence Operatives are not out to question and take over. He wants regular fleeters to know that an Intel Officer can be trusted. He does hope to some day be the Director of Fleet Intelligence.
Hobbies & Interests Moran is a simple man. He likes to read in his spare time, or engage fellow crewmates in a game of one on one basketball or other sports centered game.

Personal History Moran was born in the middle of four children to Carman and Geneva Intaro in Sicily Italy. He spent his first four years with his family on Italy before they moved to Mars. His father opened a restaurant on Mars, his mother went to work as a 8th grade math teacher at a public school.

Like most little boys, Moran's formative years were spent playing kids games with his siblings or in the classroom at school. He was an energetic and sociable child and had many friends. By the time he hit junior high, he had already reached a height of 6'2", and those that did not know him attempted to belittle and bully him. That is, until the day a kid named Bill Brocious pushed Moran a little to far and Moran stomped a mud hole in the kid. Moran was suspended from school for a week over the incident, Bill was expelled since he picked the fight. After that, nobody would bully or tease Moran again. Soon after he joined the JH football team and joined the defensive line.

He would play football throughout the rest of his junior high career and through his high school career, earning a spot on the varsity team his freshman year. He kept his grades up; he was within the top 20 of his class, and had high hopes of playing football and then pro-football. He graduated from high school an A/B student, and went back to Earth to play football for So-Cal on a scholarship. His Junior year in college, Moran was injured in a game; it turned out to be a career ending injury, he wouldn't play football again. He graduated from SO-CAL with a major in law enforcement, but decided to apply to Starfleet Academy.
Service Record Upon taking the Starfleet Entrance Exam, he was accepted into the Academy, and his scores quickly had him routed in the Intelligence Division. He spent the next four years earning his major from Fleet Academy in Intelligence, and his junior year he was assigned his first training cruise aboard the [i]USS Titan[/i]. He enjoyed his time aboard the Titan and learned a great deal from the Intel team there, lead by one Hiverson Jenkins(Named for an Intel Great). He went back to the Academy for the Fall semester with an above average rating on his performance eval from Commander Jenkins.

His senior year, the Intel instructor began attempts to sway Moran into the more in depth field of black ops and wetwork. Moran; however, declined with the reasoning that one: his height alone would make him to obvious in a field where he would have to remain unseen, and two, his faith would not let him perform unjustifiable acts of murder. Everything he did he would one day have to justify before God. After this, he began to hone his skills with computers, and learned the skills he would need to become an encryption specialist. He took his second training tour aboard the [i]USS Marsden[/i], and again completed the training with an above average rating on his performance eval. He graduated from the Academy with high marks, and received his first assignment to Starbase 114.

He would serve aboard Starbase 114 at first as an encryption specialist, would earn himself two commendations while serving aboard station. AFter three years aboard station; at the age of 29, Moran received his first assignment as agent afloat aboard the [i]USS Dresden[/i], where he would serve with distinction and earn his first promotion. At 32 he would be promoted to the XO position in his department and would earn the Hiverson Award. 3 years later the [i]Dresden[/i] would be decommissioned and her crew reassigned, and with the recommendation of his superior officer and ships commanding officer, he applied for the position of Chief Intel Officer on Deleth Station. He was then assigned to Deleth Station as their Chief of Intelligence.