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Petty Officer 2nd Class Lucca Jevalton

Name Lucca Jevalton

Position Yeoman/Media Relations

Rank Petty Officer 2nd Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ullian
Age 50
Character Type PC

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 156 lbs
Hair Color Silvery White
Eye Color Light Brown


Personality & Traits

General Overview

Almost always punctual to a meeting, Lucca Jevalton walks down corridors, making sharp turns at a brisk walking speed that says 'move out of my way, I have places to be and things to take care of' and he has been known to physically move people out of his way if they are blocking his way. He is a man of the cold hard facts with a side serving of discipline and logic. He lives in a world on concrete needs and remains focused on tackling tasks. Lucca lives in the present, with his eyes constantly scanning his personal and professional environment to make sure that everything is running smoothly and systematically. Significantly honoring traditions and laws, and has a clear set of standards and beliefs that he subscribes to. He expects the same of others, and has no patience nor understanding of individuals who do not value these systems. Lucca values competence and efficiency.

Professionally, his style of management is views as being very blunt and often times rude. Though he can come off as cold, calculated, and bluntly aggressive at times in the work place, the man is just structured. He does have a 'softer side' that will show when it is needed. Lucca is often valued by those he works under for his clear advice and guidance in their times of need. He will assist them and lead them down a clear and effective path to success when they need the helpful advice or he feels they need a push or nudge towards the 'correct' direction.

Though coming into his Starfleet career late and only being a rather lowly enlisted man by rank, Lucca often acts as though he has a much higher rank than he does. This is not out of disrespect or being power hungry. He simply is hard working and determined. He leads by example, demonstrating dedication and purposeful honesty, and has an utter rejection of laziness. His personality does not mix well with those who are laid back, and Lucca can sometimes be stubborn and inflexible, especially when presented with ideas that haven't been fully developed or thought out with the careful diligent planning that he himself would do. Incompetent people and those who cut corners will quickly lose his respect.
Strengths & Weaknesses

Telepathy - Lucca is a Ullian, a strong telepathic species. With extensive training since childhood, Lucca Jevalton in a sophisticated and well disciplined telepath with the ability to communicate effortlessly with members of his own species as well as species with the ability to communicate telepathically.

Pacifist - Another strength (potential weakness) of Lucca's is his tendency to lean towards peaceful means and negotiations rather than taking up arms or engaging in hostilities. He is understanding of the fact that not everyone shares his viewpoints or philosophies, but even during tough times, even when faced with weapons pointed at him, Lucca will cling to peace and diplomacy until the bitter end.

Well Organized - Due to his years of work experience as a Yeoman, Lucca is quite used to keeping Captains and others together when it comes to 'paper work.' He knows how to prioritize things before placing them on the Captain's desk, and will take care of whatever he can in order to cut down his Captain's administrative 'paper work' load.


Combat/Weapons - Utterly useless when it comes to physical hand-to-hand combat or armed combat. He has just enough training on the bare minimal weapons and is only 'just' able to keep his certification. Do not put him in a situation where he has to take a risky shot as innocent individuals or hostages may be unintentionally hit.

Mechanical/Technical Skills - Is my uniform gold or teal? Hell no, it is not! Starfleet does not have me around to fix your replicators or transporters, they have me around to deal with the media hounds, keep Captain's organized, and advise them when to go on record and when to dodge reporters. I am the man you want in front of the camera when something bad happens, but don't dare call me if something technical needs fixing.

Science - Leave that crap for the squints. I have more crucial things to deal with than determining the sentience of a friggin' plant.

Personal History Born 2341.
Service Record 2372: Enlisted in Starfleet
2372-2373: Crewmen Recruit | Diplomatic Corpsman
2373-2377: Crewmen Apprentice | Diplomat's Aide
2377-2382: Crewmen | First Officer's Yeoman
2382-2387: Petty Officer 3rd Class | Legalman
2387-2391: Petty Officer 2nd Class | Captain's Yeoman / Media Relations Officer