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Captain Felicia Quinn

Name Felicia Quinn

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 48
Sexual Orientation Bisexual (but prefers women)
Character Type PNPC
Main Character (Jaeih t'Hwersuil)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Felicia is of somewhat average height and weight with long red hair and bright green eyes. She prefers to wear her hair loose whenever possible but ties it back for away team duty and official functions.


Children Furbaby - Shadow
Father Johnathan Quinn
Mother Marcella Quinn
Sister(s) Olivia Quinn (identical twin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Though she can have her "fiery redhead" moments, Felicia is generally a warm and friendly individual. While not necessarily eager to make friends, she accepts people as friends quite easily and tends to hold onto her friendships for life. She has an intense soft spot for animals (particularly small-ish furry ones). Like many Starfleet officers, she does have a competitive streak, but it's fairly mild.
Ambitions Felicia has no plans to advance farther in Starfleet than she already has; to go any further would necessitate accepting promotion into the admiralty, which is far too political for her tastes. Instead, her long-term goal is to retire from Starfleet (after a long time in service) and breed foxes to be sold as pets.
Hobbies & Interests Felicia's pet Fennec fox (Shadow) is the center of her universe, and most of her off-duty activities center around him. She can often be found walking with him in the corridors or playing with him on the holodeck. When they aren't being active together, she can often be found with him in her lap while she reads.

Personal History Born on a bustling Federation colony, Felicia has been exposed to Starfleet from an extremely young age. Though her parents owned a small shop, she met many officers who came to the shop while they were on shore leave, and their stories easily caught her fanciful imagination. When she and her sister were not in school, they often played games pretending to be explorers on a starship, going on adventures and discovering new things. Despite the family not having a lot of income, both parents encouraged their children's love of travel and adventure.

When Felicia was sixteen, her sister Olivia disappeared. Despite a lengthy investigation and much searching of the colony and departing ships, she was never found. Wondering if perhaps Olivia had boarded a ship before anyone noticed she was gone, Felicia decided that once she joined Starfleet, she would look for her sister during her travels with the fleet.

Like most prospective officers, Felicia entered the academy at the age of eighteen. Soon after arriving at the academy, she attended a concert in a nearby park. During the concert, she met Marcia, with whom she had a weekend love affair. The two parted on good terms, and they remained friends even after Felicia discovered that Marcia was a mercenary for hire. Though their career paths might seem incompatible, Marcia cheerfully encouraged Felicia in her studies, often sending her gifts to boost her spirits during and after exams. Felicia also befriended a local writer while at the academy, who routinely sent her packets of tea and cookies.

About halfway through her academy years, Felicia accidentally found herself involved with a local gambling ring, resulting in her owing its leader a decent sum of money. Rather than risking the academy finding out, she scrounged what money she had to her name and quickly paid it off, cutting ties with the group before they could trap her again.

Near the end of her senior year, Felicia was accosted by an unknown assailant who stole her identification and credit chip, leaving her critically injured in the middle of San Francisco. Fortunately, a passing Starfleet officer quickly transported her to Starfleet Medical, where she underwent emergency treatment. Though her injuries included a mild skull fracture, her brain was spared any significant damage and she still graduated on time with the rest of her class.

Service Record 2362 - 2366: Starfleet Academy
2366 - 2368: USS Bethesda, science officer
2368 - 2375: USS Thunderhead, assistant chief science officer
2375 - 2383: USS Delphi, chief science officer
2383 - 2388: USS Morning Star executive officer
2388 - 2392: USS Valley Forge, commanding officer
2392 - XXXX: Starbase 336 - Deleth Station, commanding officer