erei'Riov (Commander) Jaeih t'Hwersuil

Name Jaeih t'Hwersuil

Position Executive Officer

Rank erei'Riov (Commander)

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 61
Character Type PC

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 152 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Like most Romulan females, Jaeih is tall, lean, and muscular. However, she eschews the traditional short haircut in favor of a more flattering shoulder-length style, which she usually wears loose or very loosely braided. Because her forehead ridges are so low-profile as to be barely noticeable, this leaves her delicately pointed ears as the only clue to her heritage. With minimal modification, she could potentially pass as Vulcan, provided she had the proper emotional counseling.

A career in the Romulan Navy has left her with a small handful of scars, most from the use of blades in close combat. However, some scars across her back are surgical, resulting from spinal repair.

Though she does not like the practice of dark tribal tattoos that some Romulans have adopted, Jaeih has a vivid tattoo of the Romulan bird of prey (clutching the twin planets) on her right shoulder blade.


Father Helev tr'Hwersuil
Mother Saeihr t'Hwersuil
Brother(s) Vaebn

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jaeih is a complex individual who at first seems unusual for a Romulan. Rather than being withdrawn and xenophobic, she is warm and friendly. However, she still has difficulty in trusting new people and circumstances, which has made her transition to the Odyssey harder than she would like to admit. Those who earn her trust find that she is fiercely protective of those she calls friends, more than willing to lay down her life in their defense.

True to her Romulan heritage, Jaeih has a quick temper and rarely hesitates to speak her mind. Though her temper has been somewhat tamed by her military service, once triggered she can boast an impressive display of aggression.
Hobbies & Interests Trained by the Romulan Star Navy in tactics and command, Jaeih has considerable combat prowess and is proficient with a variety of weapons. She is also quite skilled in unarmed combat and battlefield communication. However, her interests are not solely confined within her skill set.

Aside from her combat skills, Jaeih takes a great interest in astronomy, particularly stellar nurseries and nebulae. Though she has little aptitude for science, she loves spending hours studying these phenomena.

Personal History Jaeih was born into a military family, both her parents retired Navy officers. It was apparent from a young age that they expected her and her two brothers to follow their footsteps, but time would show that only Jaeih had any interest in that path.

As a child, Jaeih showed a great love for the sciences, often staying up late to look at the stars or going on lengthy adventures into nearby groves of trees to study the plants and animals that she found there. However, even from this young age she was not successful in her school-based study of the sciences, foreshadowing her later struggles at the War College.

As the youngest child and only daughter, Jaeih often found herself the victim of her brothers' pranks and learned early how to 'be one of the boys.' Though this occasionally led to disciplinary problems in her early schooling, her family and instructors admired her fiery spirit, as it was seen to be a positive attribute in a young Rihanha.

That fiery spirit, fueled by a personal connection to the Element Okhala, led Jaeih to the War College when she was eighteen. Initially she planned to study the sciences, but she quickly found that her childhood struggles with the terminology and material still lingered. Determined to do what she loved, she kept at it until mounting frustration led to several pieces of smashed equipment in one of the science labs. After a brief disciplinary hearing - during which she was thankfully cleared of any serious charges - it was suggested that she channel that fire into security and tactics instead. Seeing this as an opportunity to do something she excelled at and a way to better control her somewhat fiery temper, Jaeih took that chance. Where she had struggled before, suddenly she flew through the courses, still graduating on time with the other students she had entered the War College with.

To Jaeih's surprise, her first assignment after graduating from the War College was the IRW Okhala, a ship named for the Element to whom she felt closest. This bit of irony amused her, though she kept that amusement to herself. The Okhala was a small warbird, with little room for advancement and very few opportunities for Jaeih to 'prove her worth', as it were. Consequentially, she transferred to the IRW Lleiset after a few short years, having made no achievement in rank. However, the Lleiset's commander saw potential in Jaeih as a young officer, and it was aboard that ship that Jaeih began building her reputation on her own merits.

Given the chance to exercise her ability to plan and execute tactical maneuvers in space as well as on the ground, Jaeih quickly proved to be brilliant on the battlefield despite her relative young age. Though she was a junior officer, her innate proficiency in combat led to her joining - and sometimes leading - a number of ground missions away from the ship. Unaware that this was unusual for young officers in the Imperial Navy, Jaeih was surprised to find that on her next transfer she was granted not just a promotion in rank but also a higher position within the crew, as the assistance chief of the tactical/security department on board the Fvillhu.

The Fvillhu was an unusual assignment for Jaeih, as both the chief of her department and the ship's commander often placed what seemed like an immeasurable amount of faith in her. It was not often that the ship saw combat, but when it did, eyes turned to her for suggestions. At first, Jaeih was uncomfortable with this change, not seeing whatever it was that they saw when they asked for her input. Within a few months, however, she began to settle into this role and became more encouraged to speak her mind, even when she was not specifically asked to provide an opinion. It was not until a senior staff position aboard the Aenaer opened and was offered to her that she understood that she was being groomed to be a departmental head.

While she now found herself in a senior role aboard a warbird, Jaeih soon found that the Aenaer was not an exciting warbird to serve upon. As a member of the Praetorian Guard, the ship rarely ventured far from ch'Rihan for its duties were to defend the homeworld and the Praetor from orbital threats. Because they were so often in orbit of ch'Rihan, Jaeih made numerous trips to the planet's surface to keep her attention occupied. One of these trips would prove somewhat fateful for her.

In 2368, during one of her trips to ch'Rihan's surface, Jaeih stumbled across a meeting of dissidents who called themselves Reunificationists. Initially they were threatened by her, and attempts were made to drive her away. Just as the situation was becoming dangerously violent, an eerie calm fell over the area and Jaeih found herself looking at a face she thought she would only ever see in history books, Ambassador Spock. After a few tense moments, Spock invited Jaeih to join the conversation taking place, despite objections from those gathered.

Jaeih left that meeting with a mixture of feelings swirling in her chest. While she had a great love for her Empire and her culture, much of what Spock and his followers had said simply made sense. Knowing that she could not allow the Imperial Navy to learn of the encounter - let alone her feelings on the matter - she buried the experience, though she often thought about it when tensions rose between the Rihannsu and the Vulcans. This was a secret that she would keep for several years, perhaps forever.

Somehow, she managed not just to bury the secret but keep it buried, and she was immensely relieved to be transferred to the Thrai after a few years of trying to keep it that way. The Thrai was a warship, one that took part in several small military actions until it was pulled to the front lines of the Dominion War in 2373. Throughout the war, the Thrai saw numerous engagements, and it was one of the early ships to join in the Alpha Quadrant Alliance, which thrust Jaeih into interstellar politics far earlier than she had expected. As the Thrai's chief of security and second officer, she was often involved in meetings with Federation and Klingon command crews. These experiences - though not always pleasant - would quickly prove invaluable. Due to these diplomatic discussions, Jaeih gained an impressive proficiency of Federation Standard and soon began learning simple phrases in Klingon, tools she would find useful later in her career.

Just before the end of the war, Jaeih was involved in a ground exercise against Jem'Hadar forces, during which a polaron blast struck her in the back and severed her spinal cord. An emergency surgery restored her spinal sensation and function, but she was left with lingering pain from shearing of the nerves that could not be fully repaired.

When the war ended in 2375, the Thrai went back to its usual duties of securing the borders of the Star Empire and maintaining order by way of military force. Jaeih remained on the ship for another three years before an opportunity to climb further up the ladder announced itself. The IRW Khaiell, a newly commissioned D'deridex warbird, was in need of crew, and its commander personally reached out to Jaeih, asking her to join him as first officer aboard the ship. Though it meant leaving behind her now well-loved job of security, Jaeih recognized the offer as a unique opportunity for an officer of her age and readily accepted. She discovered upon her arrival on the Khaiell that she was not just serving as first officer; she was again being stealthily groomed for a position higher up.

Though the Khaiell was certainly combat capable, much of the time that Jaeih spent on the ship was spent doing exploration tours in various areas of Rihannsu space, with heavy emphasis on Galorndon Core, an area thought to have some connection to the fluidic space where Species 8472 resided. Though there were many rumors of Gekli and Species 8472 in the region, the Khaiell never encountered either species.

In 2388, Jaeih abruptly disappeared from the Romulan Navy. Though there is suspicion that she was employed by the Tal Shiar during this time, there is no information on her record between 2388 and 2392, nor does she discuss what she was doing during that time.

When Jaeih reemerged into the Romulan Navy in 2392, she was offered the executive officer position on board Deleth Station. Because the station was currently under Federation command and not ready to transition, she did not report for duty until early in 2393.
Service Record 2350 - 2354: Romulan War College (equivalent to Starfleet Academy)
2354 - 2357: IRW Okhala, tactical/security officer
2357 - 2361: IRW Lleiset, tactical/security officer
2361 - 2366: IRW Fvillhu, assistant chief tactical/security officer
2366 - 2372: IRW Aenaer, chief tactical/security officer
2372 - 2378: IRW Thrai, chief tactical/security officer and second officer
2378 - 2388: IRW Khaiell, executive officer
2388 - 2392: [REDACTED]
2393 - XXXX: Deleth Station, executive officer